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Veteran Internship Program

The ViacomCBS Veteran Internship program is a national initiative run by Veterans for Veterans. ViacomCBS is committed to representing our country in all its fullness, and Veterans play an important role in that. Many of the skills a Veteran learns while in service translate into becoming standout employees in the workforce. Veteran internship positions are available in cities across the United States.

Veteran Internship Program

ViacomCBS is launching its 2019 Summer Veteran Internship Program for qualified college students who are enrolled full-time in an accredited university.


We are committed to fostering an environment that attracts and embraces the brightest minds.


ViacomCBS recognizes the hard work and dedication it takes to serve our country. We value the skills you developed during your time in the military-leadership, problem solving, teamwork and attention to detail, to name a few. These same qualities are essential to our success as a company


We are proud to support the career development of our veterans by offering hands-on experience, career-building workshops, professional development courses and the opportunity to network with the best in our business.


Positions will be available in February 2019 and posted on

Success Stories

Sandy Hernandez – Veteran Intern, 2016-2018

I served 4-years in the Marine Corps as an ammunition technician in Okinawa, Japan and then San Diego, CA. I was honorably discharged in June 2016 and I began attending school full-time pursuing a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. 


Before I transitioned out of the Military I had no idea that internship programs for Veterans existed in Corporate America. I initially began my internship in the Strategic Sourcing department just days after leaving active duty. I felt extremely fortunate to have a mentor who understood the transition I was going through. After 8 months in that department, I was offered an internship in the CBS Diversity & Inclusion department. I worked directly for a Senior Vice President, who mentored me daily and motivated me to continue working hard at my education. 

During this internship, I was given the opportunity to build my leadership skills and was often given projects that I led on my own with little to no supervision. Overall the Veteran Internship Program gave me a life-changing opportunity to learn from hard-working individuals who forever shaped who I am today personally and professionally. After 2-years of being an intern at CBS, I transferred to the College of Business & Economics at the California State University of Los Angeles to complete my Bachelor’s degree.

Kevin Brown – Veteran Intern, 2016-2017


I served in the Navy for 4 years as a Logistics Specialist. During my time in the service, I was stationed in Washington, Japan, and Oklahoma and did three deployments aboard aircraft carriers.  Choosing to leave the Navy was not an easy decision. After being honorably discharged I started attending Marymount California University to major in Business.

After my first full school year, my schools Veterans organization received an email about the annual Veteran Internship at CBS.  I immediately applied and got a phone call from CBS a few days later. I was offered a position at CBS Radio, which I eagerly accepted. 

While I was working at CBS Radio, I was invited to a mixer hosted by the CBS Veterans Network where I met other Veterans at the company. This mixer led to another internship opportunity with CBS Corporate. I continued to attend and help host CBS Veteran Network events during my time in both departments.

When I was close to graduating, I was introduced to a CBS recruiter who helped me identify some potential full-time roles across the company. After going through the interview process, I was offered a full-time position and am currently working as a Financial Analyst with CBS Television Distribution.

It was through the Veteran Internship that I was able to make connections which ultimately led to a full-time job. This internship works.



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