ViacomCBS Veterans Network Mission

First and foremost at the ViacomCBS Veterans Network, we will always work tirelessly to make sure that the sacrifices of our Nation’s Veterans and their families are never forgotten and will ensure that the ViacomCBS is doing all it can to promote the well-being of its Veteran employees. ViacomCBS is very proud of hundreds of Veterans who are currently working at ViacomCBS. Their dedication and sacrifice remind us all that the highest expression of patriotism is military service. The ViacomCBS Veterans Network offers Veteran, active duty, National Guard, and Reserve employees a forum for connecting, networking, and for personal and professional development. It also provides a much-needed community and support for veterans and their family members. In addition, the ViacomCBS Veterans Network makes sure that we never forget our obligation to the more than 22 million living Veterans in the United States, especially the nearly 2.6 million who nobly answered the call of service after the events of September 11, 2001.

Examples of the work of our Team:


  • The ViacomCBS Veterans Network provides life-changing mentoring, guidance, and career counseling for transitioning Veterans through its mentorship program and Veteran summer internship program, which together have served more than 800 Veterans through 2020. It also works closely with leaders in the Military and Veteran communities on initiatives that promote education, training, and employment. Our Veterans Network also works to increase the participation of Veteran-owned businesses in the ViacomCBS Supplier Diversity Program.


  • In partnership with the ViacomCBS Legal Department, the ViacomCBS Veterans Network provides critical pro-bono legal assistance to Veterans and their families. In 2018 alone, the groups provided legal services to more than 200 Veterans and their families, representing more than 4,000 hours of free counsel, amounting to $1.2 million in fees saved and over $2 million in increased disability rating awards.


  • The ViacomCBS Veterans Network also works with several ViacomCBS properties which include CBS Television Network, CBS Television Studios, Showtime, Paramount Pictures, and The Smithsonian Channel to ensure that the Military and Veteran communities are accurately, authentically and respectfully portrayed on our Networks.  Shows like SEAL TEAM, BLUE BLOODS, MADAM SECRETARY, NCIS, and MAGNUM P.I.are considered the gold standard by the military and veteran community.  These shows not only depict Veterans on the screen but employ countless hundreds of Veterans as members of the cast and production crew. We are so fortunate that they are part of our creative team!


  • The ViacomCBS Veterans Network works closely with our Local Stations to produce and air thousands of Public Service Announcements each year to highlight issues of critical importance to Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their families.

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