ViacomCBS VetNet Hosts Their Latest Meet and Greet with Jo Ann Ross and Chris Simon from Ad Sales

The ViacomCBS Veterans Network hosted its latest Veteran Immersion Program Meet and Greet. Joined by Richard Jones, EVP General Tax counsel and ViacomCBS Chief Veteran Officer and Betty Diaz, Director of Programs & Operations, ViacomCBS Veterans Network were the industry mentors for this week: Jo Ann Ross, President and Chief Advertising Revenue Officer for ViacomCBS Domestic Advertising Sales, and Chris Simon, Executive Vice President of Sales for CBS Television Network.

Jo Ann and Chris got to know the veterans in the Veteran Immersion Program and fostered an atmosphere of openness and discussion. After brief bios, they inquired after each veteran’s time in the military, how their veteran internship is going at ViacomCBS, and where they want to go next. The mentors offered their advice on how to more efficiently and best achieve the goals each veteran shared for themselves.

The mentors inquired as to how the newly minted Veteran Immersion Program has been for the veteran interns: “The whole ViacomCBS veteran internship experience is an integrated one,” said Melanie Corinne, a Marine vet with goals of being a Showrunner and Staff Writer. “Everything we learn from one field is helpful in another and contributes to making us more well-rounded to accomplish our goals.”

Fellow intern and Army vet Richard Bethea, pursuing his passion in directing and filmmaking agreed, “This veteran immersion program is one of the best experiences of my career.”

Army vet, and proud VME NYC chapter leader, Tiffany Pilgrim said, “I’m really focused on community right now, and ViacomCBS Veterans Network aligns with those goals.”

The cohort shared the consensus that team building, and trust were the most prominent mutually shared experiences, followed shortly by professional development and career empowerment. Interns, Marine vet, Steven Montesantos and Navy vet, Alex Martinez mentor Chris Simon bonded over their shared Alma Mater of Pace University. There was an overabundance of school pride for Syracuse University as well, given the number of students and alumni in attendance for the event. “Go Orange!” Betty Diaz cheered on as Army Veterans Thieyacine Fall and Richard Bethea shared their pride.

Jo Ann and Chris were passionate mentors and offered a lot for the cohort to think on. They urged veterans to always be their authentic selves and left them with the affirmation that they are not alone.

ViacomCBS Veterans Network appreciates the time of our dedicated mentors, and looks forward to seeing the Veteran Immersion Program cohort put their advice into action.